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Who Is Athletic Fields?
Athletic Fields, Inc has been building high quality sports fields since 1990. We have built or renovated over 400 fields in the Southeast. Athletic Fields has built a reputation of as one of the premier sports turf companies in the South. Our team of sports field professionals provide unmatched quality and service.

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The Athletic Fields Difference


Our staff is firmly committed to not only assisting our clients with understanding our construction philosophies, but we are dedicated to continually updating our methods based on proven successes in the industry. When we consult with our clients, we are expected to be able to provide them unparalleled expertise in order to offer them the best solution for their sports surface needs.


Athletic Fields is a values based company that will not engage in dishonest or unethical business dealings as is too often the case in the construction industry as a whole. Our best advertisement tool is the trust that our clients put in our company. Nothing is worth jeopardizing our relationship with our client, or with our values.


As with the relationships that we build with our clients, the projects that we construct are quality first. While perfection in the unattainable dream of most, including our staff, we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction. When it comes to delivering everything that we propose, you can rest assured that Athletic Fields will approach every step with a quality first mindset.

Athletic Fields is not a company that only seeks to bid generic, or cookie cutter type projects.

Our goal is to assist you from start to finish with assuring you ultimately get the best project, based on your budget. There is not one cookie cutter design for any type of field. From soccer to softball, all projects are different. What this means to you is that when you consult with our company you are guaranteed to receive the best project made up of the amenities that you can afford and desire.

When Athletic Fields is finished with your project, we are just starting with our most important task. Upon the completion of construction is when we become your partner in maintaining the integrity and quality of your sports surfaces facility. From maintenance programs to training sessions with your staff, Athletic Fields will continue to partner with you to make certain that if you ever have a question about your sports surface, we are there to assist you.

The sports surfaces that we construct should not look their best upon the completion of construction. Your facility should be handed over to you as a great facility and then become an excellent facility under the guidance of our partnership together. We feel that if you or your staff do not understand how to retain the quality of the facility that we have built for you, then we have not fulfilled our obligation.