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Our Services

Laser Grading

Ensuring a precise foundation is the key to all athletic fields.  At Athletic Fields, we deploy precise laser technology to ensure a smooth playable surface that slopes correctly allowing water to travel the shortest distance. Laser grading prevents paddling, rain delays and rainouts.


Athletic Fields offers full design and installation of athletic field irrigation. We use the latest industry leading practices providing head-to-head coverage and matched precipitation resulting in watering efficiency.

Turf Installation

Synthetic vs. Natural or new vs. renovation… Athletic Fields has the ability to install the surface you desire.


Drainage comes in many forms. Athletic Fields has a multitude of drainage options to choose from. From panel drains to ACO channel drains, we have the expertise and experience to assist you with the removal of undesired water.


Sprigging is the process of removing stems (stolons or rhizomes) from mature bermudagrass stands and replanting the vegetative cuttings in a different location.  The aggressive growth rate of bermudagrass makes sprigging a very popular way of establishing new fields.

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